The Basic Principle of Refrigerators (Part 2)

The Basic Principle of Refrigerators (Part 2) - Refrigerator performance can be evaluated using a term called coefficient of performance performances output divided by input so the coefficient of performance can be easily defined as follows. This is the most basic refrigerator possible ever this refrigerator will work well in theory. However in practice it will face many issues let's see what these issues are and how to overcome them.

One major issue is the frost developed in the freezer compartment. Circulated air has moisture content inside it so when the air comes in contact with a cold evaporator coil they will condense and form of frost around the coil. Such high scoring prevents further heat transfer and the refrigerator becomes inefficient over time. What a great way to solve this issue is to remove frost occasionally with the help of a heating rod. This is why you can see a pan of water condensate at the bottom of your refrigerator.

Moreover in modern refrigerators you won't be able to see the condenser fans at the back of the refrigerator. Do you use a compact condenser arrangement. This compact arrangement is assisted by cooling fan and the same here ejection purpose is achieved hear the hot are expelled by the fan can be used to effectively evaporate the water condensate form during defrosting. Be approved refrigerator looks like this. An interesting temperature distribution at different parts of the refrigerator is illustrated here.

The temperature drop across the capillary tube is also clearly depicted here. You can see two refrigerant lines outside the refrigerators. What takes the cold liquid from the capillary tube to the evaporator coil and the other the exit vapor line from the evaporator. However if you check your home refrigerator you can see only one line on the outside. Why is this the case?

The most crucial part of the refrigerator is a capillary tube which need not be a spring-like device. He could be a long straight tube as shown. Witcher variation in the new straight capillary tube is depicted here. You see only one light on your home refrigerator because this drake capillary tube runs inside the evaporator exit coil. Which simple technique has major advantages we know that during the heat absorption process at evaporator the refrigerant temperature does not rise. Only the phase changes.

Means that if we allow the capillary tubes to come into contact with the evaporator exit line this will bring down the capillary tube refrigerant temperature by a great degree. This effect will lead to greater temperature drops in the capillary tube. It creating a better refrigeration effect. On the other hand he is a traitor exit coil absorbs heat this will ensure that the refrigerant in the evaporator exit line has transformed into pure vapor. This is good for compressors which I decide to handle only pure vapor. The filter drier is used to remove any moisture content in the refrigerator which might become trapped in the compressor operation.

Let us know explorer the most recent innovation in refrigerators which has transformed modern refrigerators. Digital inverter compressors a compressor is the heart of any refrigerator and is the device that gives life to the whole system. You might have noticed that the compressors in old refrigerators will either be on or off this is a single speed technology. When the inside temperature of the refrigerator reaches an optimum level the compressor will be turned off. When the temperature goes above a certain limit the compresses will be turned on. So you can see that the temperature control inside the refrigerator is not smooth or over such abrupt speed variation of the compressors will lead the durability issue to the compressor components.

With the help of digital inverter compressor a variable compressor speed is possible that a smooth and efficient evaporator temperature control can be achieved here. Here the AC power is converted to DC using a controller the controller that supplies electric power in variable frequency to accurately control the motor speed. The most common motor used in this technology is a BLDC. Digital inverter compressor consumes at least 40% less energy compared to the single speed compressors.

That is The Basic Principle of Refrigerators (Part 2) that explain to you. Thank you for your visit my blog.

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